[Coffee QUIZ] What Does Your Coffee Say About Your Personality?

Does Drinking Black Coffee Make You Moody? How do you take your coffee? Have you ever thought about what that says about you? Thanks to a recent study, and the illustrating genius of I Love Coffee’s Ryoko, the world now has a handy chart and coffee quiz to go by. We can definitely see some of […]


Enjoy the coffee, then craft with the k-cups!

How To Recycle Your K-Cups: Kids Gardening Ideas

Ways to Reuse K-Cups Going green may be a trend, or it may be here to stay. Either way, we wanted to look at a few ways you can reduce the plastic you are pitching after you make your Keurig coffee. Check out three cute ways to recycle your K-Cups. DIY Hanging Garden Keurig K-Cups […]

Red Velvet Biscotti Perfect For Bridal Shower

Fun Bridal Shower Theme: Coffee Bar Party When throwing a bridal shower for your friend, everything needs to be perfect. Or at least that was the OCD part of me talking. I spent hours writing everything down in my planner, only to find the week leading up to the shower packed with other appointments. With […]



Green Mountain Island Coconut Coffee In Stock

Where To Buy Island Coconut K-Cups That chick that said “The cold never bothered me anyway” clearly never had to defrost a car. Or shovel a sidewalk. Or slipped on black ice. Time to breathe in the scents of the islands and enjoy the spring seasonal from Green Mountain – Island Coconut!  Goodbye, frosty window panes. […]

Urnex Dezcal Vs Cleaning Keurig With Vinegar

How To Descale Your Keurig Brewer When did you buy your Keurig? Remember how shiny, spiffy, and clean that bad boy was? Those were the good ole days. Every day that I go to get my cup of coffee I see the gunk and grime that has built up over months of use. The top […]

Let's get down to business and descale your Keurig! Photo Courtesy of Alpine Valley.

Mega K-Cup Sale Now

Black Tiger & Caribou K-Cup Coffee On Sale

K-Cup Sale Savings: March Madness Round 2 Is Here! The warm weather has us in a Spring Sale mood. We’ve hit round two of the March Madness K-Cup sale. We’ve decided to keep our top 64 K-Cups in the running and increase the savings! Kenyan AA & Celestial Seasonings K-Cups Now On Sale Dark Magic, […]

K-Cups Best Price: Alpine Valley March Madness K-Cup Sale

Dark Magic K-Cups Discount Coupon Shopping for K-Cups can be a nightmare. You have to buy dinky packs at Target or Kroger, and then shell out top dollar for your morning pick me up. You sacrifice because it’s what you want in your morning coffee. At Alpine Valley, you don’t have to sacrifice. We’re happy […]

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Best Price Folgers K-Cups Black Silk Review

Folgers K-Cups Best Price Jingles stick in your head. As much as we may fight against the stream of advertising and strive to be free thinkers, we all know what the best part of waking up is. “Folgers in your cup!” And America’s favorite coffee has made an effortless transition to the modern coffee times. […]

Alpine Valley CBTL Giveaway Winner: William Simkins!

We love pleasing our customers. What makes you smile, fills us with joy. At this time of year, we are thankful for our customers. One way we’re saying thank you for being awesome is through our giveaways! We gave away a beautiful CBTL machine in November to William and Rena Simkins. William wrote in about […]



Keurig Coffee Giveaway: Win a B-150 From Alpine Valley Coffee! 33

Keurig Brewer Giveaway: Win Free K-Cups for a Year From Alpine Valley Coffee! For the last few months, we’ve been giving away our favorite coffee brewers. It all started with the Suncana, an excellent little pod brewer that packs a punch. Then, we treated a fan to a CBTL espresso and coffee brewer with a […]